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Make One into Many.

Christian Multiply is helping to revive a proven approach given to us by Jesus Christ Himself. Jesus said to "find some worthy person (a Person of Peace)." Matthew 10:11a NCV

The Holy Spirit will direct you to the person He has prepared.

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Simple Process—Practical Tools—Proven, Innovative Approach
Use these practical tools to multiply, and "Make One into Many."
When you click below (Go to the Tools Page), you will see PDF buttons to view, download, or print a bookmark, an activity logbook, and guidelines. Each prints 8 1/2 x 11. The bookmark prints 4 per page (landscape) front and back. The activity logbook is a great way for individuals to journal or for a facilitator to keep a logbook of a group session. The activity logbook and the guidelines can be printed (portrait) front and back.
To print: 1. Deselect 'Fit to Page.'  2. Open PDF in Preview.  3. Print.
View, download, or print a bookmark and the guidelines you need to experience a Discovery Bible Study and share with others. Be responsive to God and find a Person of Peace.

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People know best what they discover for themselves.

When that happens in a discovery study approach,

multiplication can happen rapidly!

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To follow the Christian Multiply approach and have an eternal impact
first on one person, and then on many others, you need to:
  1. Know why you are doing this,
  2. Know what needs to be done, and,
  3. Know how to get it done.

We can help. Training workshops help you explore this proven approach
with others and prepare you to train others.
Post training followup sessions are available for those who have completed the training and are engaged in disciple-making. These sessions are designed to answer your questions and give you a greater understanding of the process.
Additional coaching sessions, as needed, focus on two areas:
  1. Making sure your group experience is resulting in successful and meaningful exchanges that will facilitate multiplication,
  2. And helping you introduce discovery studies to others in your workplace, church, or another organization.

We look forward to helping you learn about this simple process, with its practical tools, and proven, innovative approach.
Get started with a 14+ minute video introduction as John King explains the simple process of Discovery Bible Studies.
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We are Commanded to Pray
Pray to the Lord, who owns the harvest, that He will send Christians who will multiply by engaging Persons of Peace who will empower many more people to gather His harvest. Pray the Lord will send you. Christian Multiply!
Prayer provides the path to godliness, obedience, and outreach that contributes to seeing Jesus' Final Command, the Great Commission, completed.
(Matthew 28:19-20)
Only one time in the New Testament are we commanded to pray. Jesus said to his followers.
“There are many people to harvest but only a few workers to help harvest them. Pray to the Lord, who owns the harvest, that he will send more workers to gather his harvest.”                                                                                                                                                        Matthew 9:37-38 NCV
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Discover an Approach Given to Us by Jesus Christ Himself.

Learn more about this simple process, with its practical tools, and a proven, innovative approach.
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Passages is a book series of hand-selected and evocative ancient stories compiled for today's fast-paced world. It's the purpose of the topical books outside this box to inspire transformation through ancient wisdom for today's problems.

With the two books inside this box, Finding Wisdom and Following Wisdom, Christians engage not-yet believers who discover God, become disciples, and make disciple-makers.

The Passages books are designed  for personal discovery with the topics mentioned in mind. Alone, with another person, or with a small group, we encourage you to utilize the questions, guidelines, and "Discovery" approach described in each book. Millions of Individuals in movements worldwide are meeting in discovery study groups, learning how God wants them to live, and becoming Christ followers. Learn more.

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Following Wisdom cover.png