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When you give to Christian Multiply lives are changed, and those lives set in motion a multiplication where other lives are changed. When you give, an encounter with one engages, equips, and empowers many others. Kingdom multiplication happens.
Help us tell our story and take the Christian Multiply' message, instruction, and tools to more individuals, and from those individuals into their workplace, their communities, and their churches.

Give by Check

Donations by check are made to New Horizons Foundation. Be sure to put Christian Multiply in the memo line.
Send your check to:
The New Horizons Foundation,
5550 Tech Center Drive, Suite 303,
Colorado Springs, CO 80919.

You may give online by debit/credit card, eCheck, and a wide variety of other ways. Click here or on the image above for secure access to make a tax exempt gift for the charitable purposes and work of Christian Multiply.

You can put Christian Multiply to work right where you live.

Christian Multiply is an operating project of New Horizons Foundation. As a donor, there are a wide variety of ways you can give meaningful gifts to benefit the charitable purposes and work of Christian Multiply.

As an operating project, Christian Multiply gets its charitable status from the New Horizons Foundation. Christian Multiply is not a separate and isolated entity; rather it is an integral part of New Horizons Foundation (NHF). NHF receives charitable donations and grants on behalf of our ministry; maintains the necessary legal and financial infrastructure for all project activities, and allows our project manager and our team at Christian Multiply to focus less on administrative duties, and more on our calling. We like that a lot!

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